27 Responses to “Manchester United v Fulham”

  1. pinesy says:

    I think your nail this one mate, i’ve just done United WBH @ 6/4.
    I can only see a demolition job,Fulham are a good little side but they really dont want to be playing United at Old Trafford right now,if i had to hazard a guess on the scoreline i would say 4-0,good luck anyway Leroy.

  2. Anthony says:

    Yeah on this on mate . :-) looks good to me !

  3. JonBoka says:

    Foolish Man U spread betting across various bookies on my part, I’ve got one scenario in my head and gone with it (curse of the punter… who happens to be a Man U fan):

    Man U -2 AH @ 2.20
    Man U -1.75 AH @ 2.00
    Man U 3-0 @ 8.00
    Man U 4-0 @ 13.00
    Man U WBH @ 2.50

    Considered ‘Win To Nil’ too @ 2.10 (Ladbrokes)
    Might have a punt on Phil Jones (or someone like that) anytime @ 8.00 too

    Barry I presume will be taking something like Draw/Fulham @ 38.00 and more power to him!! ;)

    • JonBoka says:

      And the moral of the story is…..
      It’s ok I had 50 units on a straight win, very tense game tho, United deserved a second goal and Fulham deserved a penalty to be fair…

    • Barry Bizzare says:

      No mate,no headbanger here,just Man utd win in my own rolla ;)

  4. EcosseMac says:

    13.0 bluesq. DNB Fulham.

    Under 2.5 goals @2.5 bet365

    C’mon the whites

  5. Mark A says:

    I think you may just have found a wee cracker this time Leroy with the Man Utd -2 on the Asian Handicap at 2.2 on Paddy Power!!
    Good luck as im on this great little bet too as i really cant see this bet losing! At worst man utd should win by 2 (Money back)!!!

  6. Clyde Derek says:

    Man united SBH 4/5. also on over 4.5 goals at 100/30. Rooney hat trick at tens and a missed penalty at 12′s. All thanks to rangers ht ft at 6′s.

  7. Anthony Beveridge says:

    This is so frustrating

  8. Anthony says:

    Total shit , united were tonight ! Even tho they won there final ball was poor ! Is it April yet ??

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